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What is PurpleBus?

PurpleBus is a flexible minibus service between Interlaken, Lucerne, Zurich and Zurich Airport.

When does PurpleBus leave?

PurpleBus leaves up to two times per day from Zurich Airport and Zurich to Lucerne-Interlaken and vice-versa. Please check out the exact timetables on our booking platform. Tickets can be booked there.

Where does PurpleBus stop?

PurpleBus stops at Zurich Airport, Zurich Main Station, Lucerne Theaterplatz. In the Interlaken area PurpleBus offers around ten possible departure and arrival points. So PurpleBus brings you close to your destination.

Are SBB tickets valid?

No, currently SBB tickets are not valid.

How do I book PurpleBus?

PurpleBus can be booked immediately online and payed with paypal, you'll get the ticket as QR-code.